The mission of the Christian Education ministry is to educate God's people about God's Word and His working in their lives. We provide educational opportunities for all members from the youngest to the oldest.
The goal of the Family Life Ministry is to illuminate each person with Christ centered standards. Family Life Ministry ministers to the total family, which includes seniors, married couples, parents and single adults.
We can do more together than we can by ourselves. "Serving and Supporting Ministries"
Missions Ministry is to provide support to missionaries to evangelize and minister to people international and domestic areas.
The Music and Worship Ministry's purpose is to prepare the hearts and minds of the people to receive the Word of God by ministering through music. Antioch has adult choirs/teams that participate in the worship service and support special programs and services throughout the year. All adult choir members (19-up) come together to participate in the Antioch Combined Choir for special services throughout the year.
To train, encourage and exhort the church concerning their participation in the LORD's Great Commission. We believe that each Christian is called to a wonderful life of obedience to Jesus. One of His clearest commands is that of bringing lost people to a saving knowledge of Him. There is no Christian that is exempt and no place on earth is to be overlooked. God calls some to reach the lost across the street and others to reach across the world.
Objectives is to lead each youth to a genuine experience of the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. The Ministry is not a "religious-social group", but a Christ-centered ministry promoting Christian belief's and wholesome activities. the Ministry's goal is to address Christian development in a spiritual, physical, social, mental, and emotional realms.

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